Welcome to this ART SPACE. OUR art space

I'm happy to share with you all i have done through all this time and i want to tell you that as the name says this is our space. Here we are gonna talk about our feelings, share our pictures, ask questions... This is OUR SPACE feel free, feel in home!

Who am I ?

I am a Treasure Finder and I accompany artists to discover the creative treasure within. I am also an Artist, just like you, whether you dedicate yourself to it or not, and a few years ago I began the adventure of discovering myself as such.

I live life observing, imagining and creating relationships through everything I see, hear, touch, feel. And I turn them into plays that talk about things that enrich and transform people. And so I communicate with the world.

However, it wasn't like that before. My head was spinning non-stop, my emotions were like wild swirls and my life was stagnant and meaningless. Fortunately, in my university days, the Theatre found me and made me discover a world full of enthusiasm, of play, of discovery.

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Promo Street Art Urban Graphemes , Athens 20/12/2018.